Our mission is to end extreme poverty!

3 Areas of Focus:

We can end extreme poverty by simultaneously eliminating the 3 main causes of poverty in a given geographic area. We are currently focused in Guatemala.

  1. Lack of basic human needs. Food, water, shelter.
  2. Lack of Income i.e. Jobs, Employment and even Barter.
  3. Lack of Education i.e. Primary, Secondary and Technical and University.

Good Always LLC. is a social enterprise business owned by two 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Foundations.


Light-It-Forward Foundation focus:

  1. Original source all products.
  2. Pay Guatemalan market value for products.
  3. Export products to the U.S.
  4. Return 100% of the profits to Guatemala for Education and Humanitarian Purposes.
Stones of light

Stones Of Light Focus:

We provide children living in rural areas of Guatemala who would never have the opportunity otherwise to receive an education through a smartphone. This is done with the Edufuturo program through the Zunan platform. With nearly 80,000 pieces of education material, this program is state of the art.

Meet Our Team!

Scott and Kim Hosking
Managing Members of Good Always
35 Years of Experience
Helping Impoverished People

We have been working among the Mayan people in Mexico and Central America for 35+ years. During this time, we have witnessed many events. Revolutions, Political Unrest, Protests, Hurricanes, Governments Overthrown, Inequality, Cultures Coopted and Lives Destroyed.
We have also witnessed Mercy, Kindness and Love. We have seen Trust, Equality, Unity and Compassion, established among some of the most forgotten and maligned people in the world.
We have seen lives forever changed by people who have left their egos and comfortable lives behind and ventured into the far margins of societal ruins to rescue lost and forgotten people. Join with us in this beautiful journey of caring and love, as we Eliminate The Three Main Causes of Extreme Poverty among the poorest of the poor!

Nixon and Friend

Nixon Lima
In-Country director (Guatemala)

Husband to his beautiful and talented wife Ana. Father of three incredible children. Photographer Extraordinaire! Videographer and Cinematographer! Film Editor! Computer Graphics Designer. Publicist. Events Coordinator. Social Networking Facilitator. Fluent in Q'eqchi and Spanish and has wonderful fluency in English as well. Great Translator. Public Information Relations Officer. Hardworking friend and initial believer in the GOOD ALWAYS movement in Guatemala.

Today, Nixon oversees the GOOD ALWAYS movement in Guatemala. He does everything from the list above and much, much more. We are so grateful to have Nixon, Ana and their family as a vital part of the GOOD ALWAYS FAMILY!

Taylor Dearden
North America Director

Software Engineer, web developer, video-editor, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and Dr. Pepper Wizard. Anthropologist at heart and researcher of antiquity. Philosophical seeker and outside-the-box thinker.

Taylor directs GOOD ALWAYS efforts in the United States through web development, media creation, event coordinating, networking, and product management. He received his Associate of Science from Snow College in 2019 and recently graduated from Dev Mountain in Full Stack Web Development.