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Las Azucenas Biosphere: Est. 2000

2000 - Present

We started with 16 hectares of degraded cattle farmland.

It only took 20 years to prove the concepts and methods used by Las Azucenas.

We restored a dead rainforest to its former natural grandeur and splendor.

The Las Azucenas Biosphere now protects a combined 1000+ endangered species of trees, plants, insects, and animals.

Javier G Esquivel - Landowner and Manager of the Farm at Las Azucenas

Javeir has over 30 years of professional and technical experience in forestry and agriculture.

He is a former director of the Mayan Biosphere a UNESCO recognized biosphere reserve.

Las Azucenas Tropical Hardwood Commercial Project: Est 2017

45 hectares of degraded cattle farmland now home to tens of thousands of high-value tropical hardwood trees.