Cash on Cash Returns

*The following information is for conversational purposes only. Make sure you always consult with your financial advisor before implementing any of the items discussed below.

8x's Return

Our trees have the ability to generate an 8X's cash on cash return.

Resell Opportunities

You will own the actual physical tree, you can resell it anytime on our online marketplace system.


What the process looks like


1. Acquisition

$450 - That is the price for its overall care through an average maturity process of 18 years. If anything happens to your trees, they will be replanted.


2. Cultivation

Your $450 will cover the cost of growing that tree to maturity over 18 years: Land Leases, Tree Planting, Tree Maintenance, Constant Care and Protection of your tree(s).


3. Harvest

When your tree(s) are mature we will find a buyer for you. From the proceeds of the sale, we deduct 10% to cover sales extraction and transaction costs.

Calculator image

Investment Calculator

Checkout our online investment calculator to see for yourself what kind of returns your impact investment can generate.


Create Your Own Business

Start your own part time business and write off your impact investment as a business expense. After all you are now in the reforestation business.

Investment Capital

When you buy a tree, you are a business owner. Your capital investment to start your business is the cost of your tree(s).

Write Off Expenses

If you set yourself up as a legal business entity, you can write off your trip to visit your tree(s). (We would love to have you come and see exactly what we are doing.