Environmental Returns

A tropical hardwood tree absorbs on average 3 tonnes of CO2 in 18 years.

Your footprint: 6 Tonnes / Year

The world average CO2 footprint per person, per year is 6 tonnes.

Your offset: 2 Trees / Year

It takes an investment of 2 tropical hardwood trees per person, per year to offset the emissions.


It's not just planting a tree,
it's agroforestry.

Forestry Management

Wild trees are often subject to premature harvesting and invasive collection procedures. Using established forestry methods, the surrounding environment is disturbed as little as possible to all for healthy, continual growth for the surrounding forests.

Sustainable Forestry

We plant, nurture & harvest 500 tropical hardwood trees on 1 hectare of revitalized land. On average, in a naturally occurring rainforest, it takes 1 hectare of land to produce as much usable tropical hardwood as is found in 1 of our cultivated trees at maturity.

Carbon Sequestration

Agroforestry is utilized to reduce CO2 emissions and to sequester carbon to help mitigate climate change, while at the same time stabilizing the soil and reducing erosion.

Carbon Credit Image

Carbon Credits

Our vision is that each tree will be certified with carbon credit.


Las Azucenas is in the process of obtaining certification. Once certification is complete we can provide each tree owner with their proof of carbon credits.

Additional Asset

Carbon credits are highly sought after in this age of climate crisis. Ownership of carbon certificates are transferable, giving your investment additional value.