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2000 - Present

16 hectares of restored forest.

Proof of Concept

We have proven we can cultivate high value tropical hardwood trees to maturity in 18 years.


We restored a dead rainforest to its former natural grandeur and splendor.


The Las Azucenas Biosphere now protects a combined 1000+ endangered species of trees, plants, insects, and animals.

Las Azucenas Biosphere

Commercial Project: Est 2017

45 hectares of degraded cattle farmland now home to tens of thousands of high-value tropical hardwood trees.

Tropical Hardwood Trees

There are three types of prized hardwoods on the farm: mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King), cedar (Cedrela odorata L.) and ciricote (Cordia dodecandra Dc.)

Professional Tree Cultivation

The forest is managed by professionals with 30+ years of experience in cultivating tropical hardwoods. Read about Javier below:

Javier G Esquivel

Landowner and Manager of the Farm at Las Azucenas

Tropical Hardwood Trees

Javeir has over 30 years of professional and technical experience in forestry and agriculture.

Mayan Biosphere Involvement

He is a former director of the Mayan Biosphere a UNESCO recognized biosphere reserve.